VITASTYLELife . Style . Easy

Exercise is not only good for health but also good as a life attitude and for enjoyment.

VITA means LIFE in Italian and is also derived from the word VITAMIN, which is a source of energy and vitality in life.

The brand spirit takes LOHAS as its credo, which advocates a healthy and natural lifestyle as well as a simple and pleasant attitude toward life, and focuses on presenting unique personal lifestyle.

VITASTYLE is committed to providing products and services of the highest quality for sports health care and rehabilitation. In the early days of establishment, VITASTYLE took yoga and physical fitness as a starting point to produce a series of products that was filled with vitality and personal styles. Then, “senior” elements were gradually added to the products, making sports and health no longer the privileges of young people but enabling the seniors to exercise with ease and enjoy themselves freely, so as to achieve a better elderly life.